Use a Graphics Tablet as a MIDI Controller

Beginners and specialists in the digital art production wish to explore the overall features and benefits of the graphics tablet. You may have used with a Wacom graphic tablet for graphic or Photoshop design. You can start a step to use this tablet as a MIDI controller for music making.

If they know about the best approach to use the graphics tablet as a MIDI controller as efficient as possible, then they like to find and follow such approach to use the graphics tablet as this controller.

Follow guidelines from professionals

People who use the drawing tablet as a midi controller at the first time get surprised with the smart approach to take advantage of the MIDI controller features and facilities. Before start to install any software, you have to pick the right graphic tablet, for example Ugee M708, which you can review on TopChartex, will be a perfect fit for a such task.

The main functions accessible from top left to bottom right in this application are pen mode, on/off, tap and panic. Pen mode shows the pen. The tap mode shows a note on the background in the blue color. This mode lets users to control the surface by using the pen and send MIDI note message.

Easy-to-follow suggestions to use the graphics tablet for sound engineering purpose encourage many teens and adults to follow such suggestions. You can seek advice from professionals in this sector and make an informed decision to use your favourite graphics tablet for the sound engineering application purpose.

MIDI Controller

Focus on the overall features

As a Mac user, you require µ MIDI controller app available at no cost to convert tablet to MIDI software. If you use the Windows operating system, then you can use either Tablet 2 MIDI or WMIDI. You can choose the free or premium version of this software as per your requirements.

A MIDI spy apps like MIDI Ox and MIDI Monitor for Mac are recommended for Windows users. It is the appropriate time to focus on the installation and set up by using the µ MIDI controller on the tablet with Mac OS.

You have to install and launch the µ MIDI Controller in your tablet. Read the documentation regarding the interface functions. You can create a new document by accessing File > New.  There are some settings at the top of the grey and blank controller window. Begin with MIDI Destinations and choose ‘Select’ from the menu and then ‘Virtual Source’.

Now, you can access the µ MIDI controller tool as a MIDI basis in the instrument. You will get Mu MIDI Controller as an input. There are options like Note and Chord in the section right to the MIDI Destinations.