How to fix the buzzing sound problem from speaker??

Constant speaker buzzing coming out of your speakers can make it annoying to listen to music. Sometimes buzzing sounds can be caused by an electrical ground loop or maybe cause by the blown speaker. When your speaker is blown then it doesn’t need to be replaced because this is a minor problem and you can fix the problem on your own.

Fixing a ground loop:

This problem is easy to identify and to get rid of buzzing sound. Ground loop hum refers to when two or more various electrical items in the system have the same ground connection. This result in small electrical current entering the low-voltage signal paths causing the unwanted interference. Here are some steps to follow to address this,

Check volume:

check the level of volume on any source equipment and these levels should be set to at least 75 percent of maximum. Speaker themselves adjust the actual volume.

Check power connection:

check the power connections for all equipment in the system are in the same MAINS connections.

Add audio Ground loop isolator:

Add this between the amplifier and the speaker to help isolate the unwanted electrical noise and this device can be purchased from any electronic store.


Fix blown speaker:

If a ground loop is not an issue then move on to check and repair blown speaker and first, you will need to gather together a damp cloth, screwdriver, and rubber cement. Check that the speaker is plugged in and ready to play and it is easier to perform this repair in the same room as your entertainment system.

Expose the speaker:

Remove the protective covering over the speaker where the buzzing is coming and these covers typically held in place with three or four screws. After removing the cover you will see the speaker membrane over each cone and carefully wipe down the speaker membrane with a damp cloth then only you can see the hole.

Locate the problem:

To stop speakers from buzzing, play some music through the speaker and this will helps to locate the hole. Small holes can cause a noticeable buzzing so take time to locate the hole, examine the membrane carefully.

Patch the damage:

after identifying the hole then disconnect the power from the speaker and take a small amount of rubber cement and apply it over the area. Spread it to create an even layer on and around the damage.

After it dries, plug the speaker and try it at low volumes then slowly increase the volume to identify the remaining buzzing. These tips will help you to fix speaker buzzing and you can again use your speaker.