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Use a Graphics Tablet as a MIDI Controller

Beginners and specialists in the digital art production wish to explore the overall features and benefits of the graphics tablet. You may have used with a Wacom graphic tablet for graphic or Photoshop design. You can start a step to use this tablet as a MIDI controller for music making. If they know about the […]

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Are expensive speakers better and worth it?

If you are looking for great audio quality, then you need to choose the most expensive speakers than the budget speakers. Generally, expensive speakers will do a better job than the budget speakers. This is because a cheap system with a low-quality component will struggle to play low frequencies or clear high notes. It is […]

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Which sound system is better stereo or mono??

Stereo and mono audio are offer different listening experience. Stereo is a common format for home audio systems and form recorder music and mono sounds provide benefits for consumers seeking a high-quality experience from older recordings. Most of them have confusion about which is louder stereo or mono?Let’s see the about their advantages and specific characteristics […]

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Difference between home theater speaker and a music speaker

Home theater speaker: it is just a vague term for an approach to home entertainment. This system is the combination of electronic components designed to recreate the experience of watching a movie in a theater. If you watch the movie in the home theater then you are more immersed in the experience than when you […]

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How many watts are good for speakers?

Speaker wattage is defined as RMS which is how much the amplifier will put out per channel. If you want to know what wattage speakers do I need? Here is the answer 25 watts means 25 watts a channel and this is the pure wattage. Four-ohm speaker needs less power than the 8-ohm speaker and most […]

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How to fix the buzzing sound problem from speaker??

Constant speaker buzzing coming out of your speakers can make it annoying to listen to music. Sometimes buzzing sounds can be caused by an electrical ground loop or maybe cause by the blown speaker. When your speaker is blown then it doesn’t need to be replaced because this is a minor problem and you can […]

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